Winter-serial #1: Examples of our members biking habits

Our Winter-serial has begun! And the goal is to prepare you and your bike for the winter to come. This Winter-serial #1 is about our quarterly surveys that among other things show that the weather is the crucial factor when our members have to decide whether or not to ride the bike to work.

The goal with our Winter-serial and future efforts is therefor to welcome the challenge and help you make it as easy and comfortable as possible to ride the bike in unfriendly weather.

Here are some of the results that we base our future efforts on:

Overall, the surveys indicate that several members mostly ride their bike in the beginning of the week. We do not know if it has anything to do with the weather. Or maybe others causes. But it sure makes us think about how we can make you ride your bike every single day during the week.

In our winter survey 29% replied that they hadn't been riding their bike to work any of the days the previous week.

Then spring came along, and the number had fortunately decreased to 12%. But the weather was still the most frequent cause for our members to leave the bike at home.

In the summer the number had dropped to 10%. But we still want the number to be lower. Lets say around ... zero. The weather was once again the most frequent cause for our members to leave the bike at home. The most frequent specific weather-cause was rain. So we definitely want to help you put up a fight against rainy days and also other types of challenging bicycle-weather. We'll tell you more about that in our next winter-serial. In our fall survey almost non replied that they had left their bike at home because it didn't work. We interpret that as a fine proof that we're doing something right when repairing and maintaining the bikes of our members.

So, the weather seems to affect our members bike-motivation a lot. And we do understand that. But the unfriendly bicycle- weather should not be allowed to rule over any of our members or other cyclists.

That is why we are beginning to add efficient and nice bicycle equipment to our shop. The perfect armor. When our Winter-serial #2 arrives on this site you'll be able to see the products and read about them.

Until then, you should think about how you can become the very best bicycle soldier for when the weather declares war. And go to our shop and have a look. Click here. Bicycle soldier, at ease!

And have a nice day


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