Winter-serial #2: This equipment will keep you warm and dry

In our Winter-serial #1 we promised to add efficient and nice bicycle equipment to our shop, so we can help you and our other members choose the bike every single day in a comfortable way - no matter the weather. We have honored our promise and added 8 nice products to our shop. Here is an overview for you with pictures, descriptions and prices.


We've added some rain wear, overshoes, baselayers, jackets, gloves and a scarf to our shop. Most of it are from Endura that since 1993 have had an anti-bullshit-dedication to their development of bicycle equipment with a focus on performance and function.

1. Endura Baabaa Merino Wool Baselayer is made of merino wool which is a natural product coming from the merino sheep. It's softer and thinner than regular wool. And it will keep you warm even if it's wet. It doesn't absorb the smell of sweat. The baselayer is flexible. And you are allowed to throw it in the washing machine.

Normal price: 485 kr. Member price: 388 kr. Read more.

2. Endura MTR Primaloft jacket is a lightweight, windproof and solid supplement for the baselayer. It has flexible and durable sleeves with front hand warmer pockets for a strong grib. Laser cut perforations for ventilation. And a stowaway hood that does not betray your head even if the wind is mean and furious.

Normal price: 1130 kr. Member price: 1017 kr. Read more.

3. Endura Humvee Waterproof jacket is great for both road cycling and cycling in the city. The jacket rejects the most stubborn rain. It's breathable and has ventilation in the armpits that you're able to open and close with a zipper. It also has pockets with a zipper around the chest and on the back. The jacket has a soft micro fiber collar that is very comfortable and warm.

Normal price: 700 kr. Member price: 630 kr. Read more.

4. Endura Women's Urban Primaloft FlipJacket II is a lightweight and windproof FlipJacket. You will never turn the jacket inside out by accident. Flip it as you feel like. On one side the red color is bright and clear and if you at times feel like looking a bit more subtle and dark you can just flip the jacket and show the world a darker red. The jacket has a chest pocket and front hand warmer pockets. It also has highly reflective print details and logos so other road users can see you easily.

Normal price: 1050 kr. Member price: 945 kr. Read more.

5. Endura Luminite Urban Waterproof pants will protect you from the wind and the rain and the sloppy snow. It has clickfast poppers at the inside of the waste so you can attach Clickfast Line Shorts if you want to wear a pair under the Luminite pants. Liner Shorts has internal padding and increases your comfort on the saddle.

Normal price: 900 kr. Member price: 810 kr. Read more.

6. Endura Luminite glove protects your hard working hands on the handlebars against rain and cold. It has an internal, breathable and waterproof membrane. The glove is windproof and flexible and made of fast-drying fleece. It has reflector panels around the knuckles and a velcro fastening by the wrist. Silicone by the fingertips and palm makes your grib firm and solid.

Normal price: 350 kr. Member price: 315 kr. Read more.

7. Endura Gaitor Overshoe will make your feet grateful when the weather declares war. Along the backside it has a velcro fastening and logos and reflector panels. The sole is durable and consists of a three layer nylon material. And the overshoe fits most footwear.

Normal price: 300 kr. Member price: 270 kr. Read more.

8. H.A.D Merino Wool scarf should be an essential part of your winter-amor. The cold tends to be extra evil to your throat. With this piece of wool pulled up to your nose and over your ears you'll be able to smile wide at the winter-cold behind your snuggly scarf.

Normal price: 160 kr. Member price: 144 kr. Read more.

At this point you should feel just a tiny bit of inspiration on your journey towards becoming the best bicycle soldier for when the weather declares war. A good amor means a lot.

In the upcoming Winter-Serial #3 we will have a look at some great bike lights. There will also be pictures, descriptions and prices so it's easy for you to be inspired.

Bicycle soldier, at ease!

And have a nice day Cykelven

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