Winter-serial #3: These lights make you visible in the dark

Our winter-serial #3 is all about bicycle lights, because they're an important tool to reduce your risk of ending up in a traffic accident. There are far to many bicycle lights on the market and the amount can easily make your head spin whenever you try to find the right one.

We've selected 6 bicycle lights for this article that we recommend for one og several reasons. The goal is to make it easier for you to choose a light that accommodate your needs and make you safer in traffic. You can have a further look at the 6 lights in our shop.

The Council for Safe Traffic in Denmark (Rådet for Sikker Trafik) have a lot of tips for you about how to be visible in traffic when you're biking. They've made a little, interactive gimmick that illustrates the significant difference in your visibility with and without a back light. Learn more about how to be visible after you've found the right bicycle light here.


We've chosen 3 lights from Spanninga because we are very fond of them. Spanninga is a family-driven dutch organization that has pushed the limits for bicycle safety for over 100 years. The company is constantly researching in new technologies and they also study their users beneficial insights.

1. Spanninga Thor 800 shoots out 800 lumen of light. That means that you will be visible in the dark at a distance up to 4 kilometers, while you will be able to see 100 meters ahead. These illustrations might help you understand the power of this light.

The light has a rechargeable battery: 8,4 V 2000 mA/h Li-Ion. You can set the light to increase it's power with 30%, and if you do so the battery will have a 3.5 hours duration time. The light also has an "eco"-function that makes the battery last for 5.5 hours.

Normal price: 640 kr. Member price: 576 kr. Read more.

2. Spanninga Arco front-and backlight is a simple product according to the manufacturer. You turn on the light by holding down the button for 1 second. Now you'll be able to switch between 3 functions by clicking the button. And you turn of the light by holding down the button again for 1 second.

You can charge the battery in a few hours using a USB-cable. The lights shoot with COB-LED light that is said to be the most innovative LED-light on the market these days. Not bad, huh? The front light shoots out 80 lumen of light, while the back light delivers 30 lumen. In other words you'll be visible in the dark at a distance of 2 kilometers or less. The battery lasts for about 5 hours and for about 8 hours on "eco"-function.

At Cykelven we're pretty impressed with this light. The mounting is very versatile. And this light is definitely the most powerful you will get at a normal price range.

Normal price: 380 kr. Member price: 342 kr. Read more.

3. Spanninga Pixeo backlight can be mounted on a rear wing. You can buy the light with or without the black chrome edge that you see on the picture. The battery has an impressive 120 hours duration time. And the light will make you visible in the dark at a 500 meter distance. Your visibility with this light can be illustrated like this:

Normal price: 175 kr. Member price: 157 kr. Read more.


4. Union Venti frontlight can be a great campanion to the Spanninga Pixeo backlight. Our mechanics think that they suit each other both functionally and aesthetically. This Union Venti frontlight is shooting with LED-light and the battery has a 16-20 hours duration time. The light can be mounted on the top of the front fork or on the bottom of most front baskets.

Normal price: 175 kr. Member price: 157 kr. Read more.


We've selected 2 variants of the dynamo-classics by Reelight, because our mechanics and a lot of other cyclists in Copenhagen think that these lights are very easy to use.

5. Reelight SL100 and Reelight SL120 are almost the same. They look the same. They light up without a battery when you bike. And we will mount them very well. So, you should consider these lights if you tend to forget your bicycle lights here and there, or if you have some rechargeable lights that you forget to actually charge.

The only difference between these two types is that the SL120 has a back-up function which makes the light store some energy while you bike, so it can keep on being active in about 10-20 seconds while you hold still. This is mostly a significant advantage if you're biking on smaller highways with no street lamps.

It's also worth mentioning that both variants are position-lights. It means that they aren't able to light up the road in front of you, but they will make you visible to others and by that reduce your risk of ending up in a traffic accident.

OBS: The prices includes mounting.

Normal price Reelight SL100: 400 kr. Member price: 350 kr. Read more.

Normal price Reelight SL120: 550 kr. Member price: 500 kr. Read more.

FINDRS Delight

6. FINDRS Delight is said to be an intelligent bike light. The battery lasts for about 20 hours. And if the light hasn't registered any movement in 1-2 minutes it automatically shuts down to save energy. Do you often forget to turn of your bike lights? Then FINDRS Delight might be the right light for you.

The backlight marks whenever you're breaking, so it's easier for everybody behind you to see if you're slowing down.

FINDRS Delight have developed an application that you can connect with the lights. The app is easy to find in App Store and it does not take up more than 20 MB. The app is easy to download, it's user friendly, responsive and intuitive. It's quick at letting you know how to connect the app to the lights. It looks like this.

You can also ask the lights to blink and light up for you, If you have a hard time finding your bike among other bikes. The function looks like this.

If you forget where you park your bike, or if it gets stolen, you can track it down by following the breadcrumbs in the app. FINDRS told us that their research shows that stolen bikes mostly end up in a bush or some place else nearby the crime scene. That is why FINDRS will give you the opportunity to track it down and get it back.

The front light can be mounted on the front fork/front break and on a basket. So it fits most of the bikes that you are used to see around the city. The backlight can only be mounted under the saddle.

OBS: The prices includes mounting.

Frontlight: Normal price: 400 kr. Member price: 360 kr. Read more.

Backlight: Normal price: 400 kr. Member price: 360 kr. Read more.

Great bike lights is an important part of a bicycle-warriors amor. We hope that you've now found a bike light that accommodate your needs, so you can optimize your traffic safety.

A true bicycle warrior does also wear the right body armor. So if you're riding around getting cold and wet you should do something about it: This equipment will keep you warm and dry.

Thank you for reading this.

Bicycle soldier, at ease!

Have a nice day


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