Winter-serial #4: Become a world champion in protecting your head with Hövding 3

The world's safest head protection sells like hot cake. We're charging such a low price that Hövding called to tell us that they've gotten several complaints about us selling Hövding 3 too cheap. You can have one for 1995 kr. to be exact.

However, we must admit that we've since found one other company, in Holdbæk, that sells Hövding 3 to a similar price.

And we're not sorry about that. The more people that find great head protection affordable the better. If you haven't yet decided on getting a Hövding 3, here are a short overview of the product-functions.

What do I get out of using the Hövding 3?

1) Due to Hövding scientific research show that the airbag technology is 8 times safer than traditional bicycle helmets.

2) Hövding registers the cyclist’s movements 200 times/sec. In the event of an accident the airbag inside the collar inflates in 0.1 sec. This will efficiently fixate the neck and protect the head from injury.

3) Hövding 3 is equipped with an adjustment wheel to fit your neck size.

4) Connect Hövding 3 to your smartphone and discover a world of smart features with the Hövding app:

a) IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT: Notifies selected contacts in the event of an accident.

b) HÖVDING COMMUNITY: See the effect of personal and collective biking.

c) BATTERY CHECK: Get a notification when Hövding needs to be charged. 2 hours of charging makes the battery last for 15 hours of active cycling. It's charged with a USB cable.

d) SAFER CYCLING: Contribute to help create cities adapted to cyclists.

Here is a video of how to use Hövding 3.

Are you convinced that Hövding 3 is a good investment?

You can pre-order one or more by emailing us:

Please write how many you want.

As I said, the price is 1995 kr.

You'll have it in about 2-4 weeks because Hövding is pretty busy with delivery. And Hövding wants you to know, that it's wise of you to order a Hövding 3 soon if you want to have it in time for Christmas Eve.

At this point we only have a few in stock.

Do you feel that you need to know more about Hövding?

Then here are some questions and answers concerning Hövding 2.0 and 3.

Thank you for your attention.

Have a nice day.

/Nicolai on behalf of Cykelven

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