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Cykelven is a social venture whose purpose is to keep you and your bike riding. That is why we visit your workplace and repair you bike on site by  utilizing mobile bicycle workshops.

Not a member?

Park the bike for service & repair

  • Lock with our lock (see location below) - not your own.

  • The bike must be parked ready for repair from 9.30 and until 15.30 on the chosen day - with a servicepaper on it and our lock. During this time we will arrive, fix, and take off again. Write to if, for example, you have to leave early.

  • Bill and any messages will be sent by email.

  • The prices is on the service paper. Please write to for questions

  • Print service paper via the button on the left and place it VISIBLY on the bike. Otherwise, we will not know which bike is yours or what to do. Preferably in chartek if the weather is wet.

You must not lock your bicycle, as otherwise it will be difficult for us to service and repair it. As it is parked safely, this should not be a problem, but otherwise let us know at

On the day of booking, you must park your bicycle unlocked in the bicycle racks in the closed courtyard so that we can find it.

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Cykelven at


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