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As a workplace

We are a Registered Social Economic Enterprise at the Danish Business Authority. This means, among other things, that any profits remain in the company or are donated to non-profit purposes. 

Approximately 50% of our ordinary employees are so-called vulnerable and/or suffer from a chronic illness.


We are all perfectly normal, capable and dedicated people, but also part of the boring statistics. That is why we also take in many interns and give them a push in what we think is the right direction. 


In Denmark, up to 400,000 people suffer from anxiety (source). There are 30,000 people who are hospitalized due to stress. Stress alone cost Denmark DKK 14 2006. (source).


We want to be a workplace that can accommodate the reality we now find ourselves in. 

More cycling - all year

By making ongoing bicycle maintenance as easy as possible, we imagine that we support the many cyclists out there.


By involving a lot of workplaces, we also hope to sete more focus on the many joys of everyday cycling. 

It is the only activity there at one time

- is free in time, because you have to get from A to B anyway

- is very close to CO2 neutral

- relieves stress

- relieves obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc

- saves saves the healthcare system DKK 4-8 per km driven 

- saves you money compared to most alternative forms of transport


Daily commuting can alleviate a surprisingly large number of problems that we struggle with here at home. It is undoubtedly the most low-hanging fruit

Less consumption

We do our part to ensure that cyclists keep their bikes, and not just throw them away and buy a new one. It makes a big difference in a country that annually imports bicycles with a CO2 bill of almost 100,000,000 kg. CO2

We roughly know that the CO2 cost of an average bicycle repair via Cykelven costs

5.1 kg CO2* 

A new ordinary bicycle has a CO2 cost of approx.

225 kg CO2**

*Our consumption of diesel released 9.5 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2021. Our spare parts consumption in the same year is approx. 7.5 tonnes of CO2. We double, to include everything that we don't have figures for, and call it 34 tonnes of CO2. This corresponds to the total annual consumption of 2 average Danes. In 2021, we carried out 6623 repairs. 

** Calculated by DTU in accordance with with Sustainable Bundline at Gate21 & Copenhagen Municipality

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