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In Gladsaxe Municipality, the city council set aside funds so that all children's homes and daycare centers could apply for a grant to buy an electric cargo bike. This meant that almost all day services now have one or more electric cargo bikes available.

It provides a wonderful opportunity for the youngest citizens to have a lot of good experiences. The opportunity for the children to get out into nature is important for the municipality


The electric cargo bikes are thus part of a larger effort that also involves the employment of an out-of-town nature employee.


"It is important that the children get a joy from being in nature, which is rich in experiences and discoveries. Increased knowledge of and familiarity with nature can contribute to the children becoming more aware of our shared responsibility to look after nature and the environment we live in"

Pernille Bondo Harder, Consultant for Nature and the Environment

Forest playground

In Cykelven, we can report that the bicycles are used extensively. We have been given the honor of keeping them running. We have been doing this since 2021 and it is a task we are proud of. It is very satisfying to help educators and day care workers in their everyday life AND get a lot of children out into nature.


It is also a demanding task, as electric cargo bikes require their own mechanic to work with, and the coordination of an entire municipality's fleet of bikes must also sit in the closet. The daycare workers and pedagogues are so happy with the bikes that even a few days of unfitness are a nuisance for their daily life.

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