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Supercykelven is the name of our premium membership.


Many workplaces pay for all employees to automatically become Supercykelven. Others choose instead that the employees are offered to become Supercykelven for an annual amount paid by themselves themselves.


  • Free patching

  • Free tube change

  • Free checkup (incl cargobikes + e-bikes)

  • Bonus: All bikes in your household are included.


We do not change inner tubes that are not faulty, do not patch holes that are not there, and do not lubricate chains that are already lubricated, etc.

If you order "tire and hose change" the price is unchanged.

Cykelven customers are welcome in our regular workshop, Buddha Bikes, but benefits of Supercykelven do not apply here.

On the service paper - on your workplace's portal - you can see if your workplace already pays for everyone to be a Supercykelven. Click on "Booking" at the top of the menu to find your workplace's portal.


You can also write to and ask.



Remember to have the spokes of your wheels checked and possibly tightened every now and then. Whether it is wise to say once every six months or every three years is difficult to say. 

Wheels are built differently, how many kilometers are driven, personal weight and driving style also have something to say. 

There is a lot of money to be saved, so it should be mentioned. Get it checked regularly.

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