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The engineering and consulting company COWI is headquartered in Kongens Lyngby and is involved in many engineering projects worldwide.


Since 2013, COWI has collaborated with Cykelven to keep their employees' bikes riding well.

The focus on sustainability is part of everyday life at COWI. There are already many people who cycle to work here. That is why investments have been made in both shower facilities, changing rooms and indoor  bicycle parking for employees – and of course an agreement with Cykelven.

"The fact that we can have our bikes serviced and repaired during working hours means a lot
easier to be a cyclist. If we are to promote green initiatives, it is important to make it easy for users, and Cykelven does that.”

Søren Ellehammer Andersen, Consultant, COWI

COWI would like to speed up the development of a more sustainable world and the workplace places great importance on a good working environment with a high level of well-being and good habits in everyday life.


They have their own fitness centre, they have an art association, a wine club and in the winter evening classes are held with e.g. pilates and ski training. Cykelven is thus part of a larger effort to create an attractive workplace.


We visit the workplace every two weeks, all year round, and we are always available for all bicycle-related questions their many 

employees must have.

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