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The insurance company Topdanmark has had a collaboration with Cykelven since 2012 and is thus among the first agreements we established. Keeping this agreement and relationship is something we at Cykelven are very proud of, not least because Topdanmark makes demands on their suppliers.


Topdanmark's Sustainability Report 2022 is tightly packed. It is clear that the aim is to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the company's value chain and Topdanmark works to ensure that employees' transport to and from work also becomes part of the efforts.


Focusing on good everyday habits, including exercise and sustainable transport, has been part of the culture for many years. Not just because Cykelven has become a fixed part of this culture – it has an influence on all levels of daily life in Topdanmark.  Topdanmark works with ESG and sustainability both in products, customer relations, employees and of course the suppliers. At Topdanmark, sustainability is not just an area you work with – it is the way you work.


"With a focus on health, the environment and social responsibility, it is extremely obvious to choose a social economic supplier to support and promote everyday cycling"

Louise Hørdum, Group Director for HR & Communication

Topdanmark's culture is strengthened by the use of responsible suppliers and including social economic enterprises such as Cykelven. A strong culture with a focus on responsibility, environmental awareness and health is essential when campaigns for e.g. increased use of cycling to work are to have an effect. With massage schemes, sports clubs, health courses (e.g. regarding both physical and mental training and diet), exercise weeks, etc., there is always a focus on the employees' physical and mental well-being.


In Cykelven, we do not have figures for the development of employees' transport habits at Topdanmark, but we know that many choose to cycle and that many cycle long distances. And at Cykelven we also know that this makes a big difference, regardless of whether it is measured in CO2 or health.

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