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What and who is Cykelven?


We can easily write a lot about that. But in short, we are a "Registered Socio-Economic Enterprise" [ ] that does our best to promote cycling, help the local community, its citizens, the environment and while financing ourselves without receiving support that could be better spent elsewhere.

There is not much in it. We are an ordinary company - with a conscience. We understand the impact our work has on the world and its people, and we try to measure and improve it.


You can read more about this by clicking here .

We drive out to workplaces according to fixed agreements entered into with them - under different conditions determined by the workplace. We come with mobile bicycle workshops -  large vans with an equipped workshop in the back. We thus make your bike on your workplace, and the mechanic drives on to the next workplace after he has finished with you.

Read more about how we operate and who we are by clicking here:

Cykelven is a collaboration for the benefit of the environment and public health.

We like to collaborate with the Danish workplaces. Together, we will consider the employees' everyday transport in the workplace management and take an active part in the work. Whether you measure on sick days, CO2 or the UN's World Goals.

Employees' transport habits are of great importance for the workplace's effect on the environment and public health.  


By rewarding the cycling employees, they are motivated to cycle. Even when the weather is bad. In addition, the workplace sends a strong signal to all employees. Of course, it helps when management rides in front.  

Undoubtedly, it is those who now commute by car whose behavior-change will have the greatest effect. Signals and communication are therefore important. Good conditions are essential. But we do not imagine that an affiliated Cykelven automatically creates more cycling. However, it is a step in the right direction and over time we can do a lot.


With Cykelven, the workplace gets a partner who does his part to create healthier and greener habits, and empty out a little in the car park.

Hvem er Cykelven

Booking and using the system

How do I book time for repair?

Provided your workplace has made an agreement with us,  you can find a booking portal at . Here all the details should be explained. If, contrary to expectations, something is unclear, just ask us


How do I cancel my booking with you?

In your email with the booking confirmation, there should be a button where you can cancel your booking. You can of course also just write to us at


I would like to book service for two bikes - How do I do it?

You ask us nicely If we have the time to take both your bikes, or more, we will of course says yes. We will not do it at the expense of your colleagues. If you ask us, we will do our best to find a solution.


What if my bike punctures and all times are taken?

Write an email to us at  and hear if it is not possible to take an extra bike in urgently. We always want to, and if possible, we will!


Why should I lock with your lock and not my own?

We would like to offer you that you can have your bike locked when you hand it in to us. At the same time, however, we would also like to be able to access it without disturbing you. The simple solution is therefore that we make loan-locks available, for which we also have keys. And we also have extra keys, should you lose it. Just remember to hand in locks again, as otherwise your colleagues will not have a chance to have their bike serviced.


Why do I have to put service paper on the bike?

The obvious answer is that it is an order form on which you communicate what you want made. A little less overtly, it is also a document of what we are allowed to do. All types of repairs have the challenge that the user can rarely identify the problem himself, technically, and the technician can only know something concrete after the repair has begun. But you can communicate what price you are willing to pay and you can communicate what problem you are experiencing. You do this on the service paper.


Continued on service papers

Even less obviously, it also has two additional features that are very important. On paper, the mechanic can note any agreements you make by telephone, technical details regarding your bike or notes regarding the condition of certain parts. It is our method of keeping track of what has happened, or should happen, on whose bike. Finally, the service paper has the important function that the mechanic can see who owns which bike. It is pretty crucial that we can identify your bike in the crowd if we are to make it.

It is also a help for Cykelven if the name corresponds to the name with which you have created your user. If you change your name, please let us know if we need to change your name in our system.



Service paper in the rain - so what?

It does not help much if the service paper is dissolved in precipitation. Therefore, we ask you to mount it on the bike in a plastic chartek.


The IT system does not do as I say

All of you wonderful users access our systems via your workplace, and there is plenty of IT security with you. It sometimes teases our systems. Then if something does not work, just write to us , and then we probably have a quick and low-practice fix to solve it.


Can I book an appointment all year round?

Yes, we come all year round. If the weather is not worse than you can cycle to work, then we can also come and make it. However, we hold regular holidays throughout the month of July and approx. 10 days over Christmas and New Year.


I meet late or leave early - can you still make my bike?

A given Cykelven mechanic visits 2-5 workplaces in one day, and we run according to a strict schedule. That said, we'll be happy to adapt to you. Therefore, you can always write to us and ask if we can, for example, try to get to your workplace early, so that it does not become a problem that you want to cycle home early.

Vedr. booking og system


Can I buy spare parts / bicycle equipment from you?

You certainly can. We have a fairly large stock of baskets, saddles, pedals, screens, wheels - you name it. And what we do not have, we can order. But we do not always have everything in the servicevans, so write an email to us  and tell us what you're looking for.


Can you make children's bicycles?

We absolutely can. But we do not always have the small tube and tire sizes as standard in our range in the servicevans, so write to us at  and let us know that you bring your child's bicycle.


Can you fix a cargo bike?

We like to try and often succeeds (95%). But without a ceiling and a hoist, cargo bikes are harder to manage. Some things are easier than others, so ask us if necessary. Or visit our permanent workshop on Emblasgade in Østerbro, where we have hoists etc.


Can I bring my own spare parts?

Yes it no problem, unlike if you bring your own steak at the steakhouse. The price of the work will consist solely off the mechanic's time. Here you are always welcome to ask in advance and get an estimate, via

Can you make an electric bike?

Typically yes. However, electric bikes are very different, and many distinctive types are also produced that use special components that can only be obtained from the manufacturer or selected dealers of that particular bike. However, most challenges with electric bikes are actually quite common bike mechanical things. So typical it is not a problem for us. Should we encounter something we can not deliver, we will probably help you find out who can and recommend someone you can trust.


My bike is dirty - Do you want to wash it?

In fact, we have chosen not to offer it, and have chosen to focus on doing what few people can do themselves: the technical. Should we offer to wash, it will be at the expense of space for tools and spare parts for bicycles. It also takes some time to wash properly , which in turn will be at the expense of actual repairs. And then it's expensive to get a skilled, experienced mechanic on a high hourly wage to wash his bike.


And everything else being equal, technical repairs must be said to be the most important thing for our mission: to keep you all riding! 

vedr. reparationer

Advice & Service

What can I ask about?

Everything that is approximately bicycle-related.

It can be anything from situations to buying bikes to trying to fix them yourself. We are a big bunch of dedicated nerds and we like to help you.


Are you considering buying a new bike or some gadgets for your bike? Then ask us. Even if it's not something we sell.


Are you in doubt about whether your current bike is worth keeping alive or whether it is smartest to buy a new one? Ask if we will help with an assessment.

You have children who need to go to an institution, but dream of getting rid of the car in whole or in part. How do you do it? You may ask how we do it!

You have a Cykelven, so you might as well take advantage of that friendship. ("Ven" means friendship)

Vedr. råd og service


All payments in Cykelven are made on credit. Unlike the local workshop, you do not have to pay immediately. This is mainly because we do not want to take your time while you are at work.


There are errors in my invoice

If there is an error in your invoice, just say so. These are made manually, precisely because comments are typically required if we are to live up to our own ambitions for service level. But for the same reason, we can not rule out human error. In that case, you simply ask us to make a new invoice.

If, despite our ambitions, we have forgotten to mention something, you can also just tell us.  


There is an incorrect name / address on my invoice - What do I do?

Then you just write to us and we will change it. Name, address etc. is what you entered yourself when creating your user. But mistakes can happen, and it may be that you have since moved or something else.


It's straightforward to change, so just say so.

Vedr. Faktura
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