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Last updated on April 21st, 2023

In general
These terms of use are terms that apply between Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS and the Employees at the workplace with whom Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS has entered into an agreement on a Cykelven scheme with (hereinafter the "Customer").

The Cykelven scheme is a service concept provided, operated and owned by Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS.
When you as an Customer accept these terms, you enter into an agreement with Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS that these terms apply to the maintenance and repairs we carry out on your bicycle.


The applicable prices are those stated on the service paper that is available at a given time on the booking portal associated with the employee's workplace. We therefore advise against keeping old service papers, as the prices on these may be out of date.

The customer is required to use the latest available service paper via Cykelven's booking portal associated with the customer's workplace. 

Member creation
When creating a membership, the customer declares that the information provided is correct and that it belongs to the customer . It is not permitted to create a membership in another person's name or to use another person's personal data in any way

Information is not passed on to third parties and is used exclusively for customer service, marketing, reminder service and billing information.

Use of the scheme
To have your bicycle repaired, you must have put your bicycle in front of the designated bicycle parking lot. You must also have the service paper printed, completed and mounted visibly on your bike. 

If you need a heavy bike repaired: cargo bikes, longjohns and e-bikes, please notify us in advance by email. 

We use repair stands as many other proffesional bike mechanics. If your bicycle is not powder coated (like 99.9 %) of all bikes, or for other reasons cannot withstand use of standard repair stands, you must inform Cykelven of this vulnerability beforehand, on email. BEFORE you book a repair. If Cykelven is not adequately informed of such vulnerability we can not take responsibility for the results of fixation in repair stand.  

To use the scheme, you must lock the bicycle with the lock provided by Socialeconomics Cykelkompagni ApS. The locks are only available for loan, and you must return them when you have collected your bike from service/repair.

Supercycling friend and other schemes

Different workplaces have entered into different arrangements regarding prices for services to employees. If a given service is mentioned as "free", you will of course not be charged for the mentioned service. This will always be limited to specific services.


If you have a "free" tube change as an employee, it is thus the service called "tube change" that is free. It has no influence on other services such as "Tyre and tube change".

Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS does not take responsibility for theft of or damage to employees' bicycles when they are waiting for service or after treatment. We can only take responsibility during the repair itself, where we have the bike in our care.

If something happens to your bike while it is parked and unattended, it will always be your own insurance that covers it.

Additional repairs
Socialøkonomisk Cykelkompagni ApS has a policy of not carrying out repairs for which consent has not been given. If it is the mechanic's assessment that an ordered repair cannot be carried out without additional costs, the work will only be carried out once there is consent from you.


You can cancel a booking via email to


All complaints are received with a smile and we always offer refunds for unfinished work or work of an unsatisfactory nature if we cannot make amends and resolve the issue.

See also our Cookie and Privacy Policy

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