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Supercykelven is the name of our premium membership.


Many workplaces pay for all employees to automatically become Supercykelven. Others choose instead that the employees are offered to become Supercykelven for an annual amount paid by themselves themselves.


  • Free patching

  • Free tube change

  • Free checkup (incl cargobikes + e-bikes)

  • Bonus: All bikes in your household are included.


We do not change inner tubes that are not faulty, do not patch holes that are not there, and do not lubricate chains that are already lubricated, etc.

If you order "tire and hose change" the price is unchanged.

Cykelven customers are welcome in our regular workshop, Buddha Bikes, but benefits of Supercykelven do not apply here.

On the service paper - on your workplace's portal - you can see if your workplace already pays for everyone to be a Supercykelven. Click on "Booking" at the top of the menu to find your workplace's portal.


You can also write to and ask.


Craftsmen's price is typically measured in time. And changing a tire just takes a little time.


Therefore, a tire with, for example, 300% as good puncture resistance will perhaps only cost 25% more to have changed.


Good tires are more expensive, but if you hire someone to change them for you, like us, you get a lot extra for a small additional cost. 

In Cykelven we use as standard a tire which has medium protection and ditto are only medium heavy and which do not cost much more. Typical from Continental.


For you who only drive short distances and are not completely dependent on itbestspeed or thatbestprotection (heaviest) then our standard tire is itbestchoice. 


We can use a lot of words in this area, but most of it will be irrelevant to you. So we pick just a little in the geek well.


There are 3 methods of specifying the size, and all 3 include the diameter and width method. 28" is, for example, only the diameter. However, it is always written on the tire itself and if we just get those numbers, we can decode them. 

1: You want more comfort on the cobbles and want wider tires: Your frame may not accommodate wider tires, so always ask a professional. 

2: You want to upgrade to more puncture-resistant tires and have read the size of your current tires: the more protective tires are therefore just bigger, even though the size specification claims the two tires are the same. So don't blindly trust numbers. There must be room for approx. 2mm more all the way around. 



These two tire models compete to be the most puncture resistant. A few years ago we gave 10 people 2 tires each - a total of 10 tires of each kind. We wanted to test which one was the best. All 10 participants drove a minimum of 20 km per day, and each month provided information on whether they had punctured. In 12 months, none of them punctured. So we don't know which is better, just that both work really well. The road grip is good, the durability really good, but it is also 3-4 times as heavy as a light tire of the same size. These tires are available in almost all sizes, with the exception of very thin racing tires.


This tire rolls phenomenally and weighs noticeably less than the heavier tires. It comes in most sizes and is, on paper, impressively puncture resistant. On paper, a tire that is both light, attractive, puncture-resistant and with extremely low rolling resistance. 

But in our test the rear tire punctured every 500km and that's not that impressive. However, others have been less fortunate, so perhaps our tester's 6 punctures in 4 months were just bad luck.  


This is an example of tires we are happy to use for you without special requests. Good all-around without being expensive or anything special.


Here we have two tires that both offer really good puncture resistance and where there is very little compromise with weight and rolling resistance. They're not cheap, and they don't come in particularly wide versions, but otherwise a really good offer for commuter tires for those of you who can't pull the heavy boys. 

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