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The Everyday Race is the one we all participate in when we cycle to and from work. It makes a bigger difference than many realise. Both for the individual and the community. That is why we would like to measure, highlight and reward your efforts.

Every participant recieves an email every Friday. Here there is a button, which leads to a website. Here you are asked how many kilometers you have cycled that week.

Via your booking portal, you will be able to continuously see what those numbers mean. Measured in everything from CO2 to calories and impact on healthcare. 

You will also be able to see which workplaces that cycle the most and where the managers   rides the most

You can find your portal by clicking here.

From here you can easily find the Hverdagsrace site for your particular workplace, and from there register. 

Alternatively, write to and then we will register you. 


We would like to see everyone cycling a little more. Our hope is that by documenting the effect we can motivate and inspire. Numbers are really good for highlighting good effects, and everyday thingsThe ace is thus about getting these numbers on the table. 

Of course, you don't have to cycle for our sake, but because you become healthier, save money, relieve stress and leave the planet in a little less disrepair than otherwise. The benefits are known and manifold. 

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